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Pennsylvania, United States


Latitude: 40.2724528, Longitude: -76.9056694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Deborah  Abt 1791Pennsylvania, United States I16474
2 Mary  1814Pennsylvania, United States I21743
3 Adams, Rhoda  29 Aug 1835Pennsylvania, United States I14082
4 Angood, Richard  Abt 1909Pennsylvania, United States I5542
5 Angood, Vincent R.  Feb 1879Pennsylvania, United States I8892
6 Baile, Elizabeth  Pennsylvania, United States I3497
7 Baker, John Jr  Jan 1785Pennsylvania, United States I18210
8 Bandworth, Anna A.  Oct 1869Pennsylvania, United States I6518
9 Barrowcliff, Lovina  25 Feb 1828Pennsylvania, United States I14083
10 Baughman, Michael  Abt 1780Pennsylvania, United States I21698
11 Baxley, Pauline  17 Nov 1919Pennsylvania, United States I13981
12 Black, Annetta B.  Abt 1881Pennsylvania, United States I1706
13 Blue, Hattie E.  13 Oct 1859Pennsylvania, United States I8898
14 Bobman, Elizabeth  1793Pennsylvania, United States I5728
15 Bolinger, Catherine  22 Jun 1806Pennsylvania, United States I21719
16 Bowlin, Elizabath B.  25 Aug 1847Pennsylvania, United States I13127
17 Bowman, Anna Mary  1 Jan 1857Pennsylvania, United States I19693
18 Bowman, Levi  18 Nov 1859Pennsylvania, United States I19692
19 Bowman, Samuel  27 Apr 1829Pennsylvania, United States I19690
20 Brenner, Christopher  9 Jan 1766Pennsylvania, United States I21366
21 Brenner, George Heinrich  Abt 1763Pennsylvania, United States I21364
22 Brenner, Gloria M.  Pennsylvania, United States I8626
23 Burley, Rosa Isabell  19 Feb 1859Pennsylvania, United States I94
24 Carey, Emma  Abt 1874Pennsylvania, United States I3353
25 Carey, Frank  Abt 1871Pennsylvania, United States I3214
26 Carey, Horace Huntington  2 Jan 1904Pennsylvania, United States I425
27 Carey, Howard Martin  11 Sep 1908Pennsylvania, United States I96
28 Carpenter, Amelia  8 Feb 1806Pennsylvania, United States I6461
29 Cary, Forest H  Abt 1904Pennsylvania, United States I434
30 Clark, William  1721Pennsylvania, United States I15818
31 Clemmer, John  27 Dec 1778Pennsylvania, United States I10418
32 Crewson, Annie Lydia  Abt 1874Pennsylvania, United States I11015
33 Crewson, Burris  16 Nov 1794Pennsylvania, United States I1885
34 Crewson, Emma J  Abt 1867Pennsylvania, United States I11044
35 Crewson, Florence  Mar 1889Pennsylvania, United States I11200
36 Crewson, Isabella Leech  Abt 1834Pennsylvania, United States I3475
37 Crewson, Josephine  1840Pennsylvania, United States I16543
38 Crewson, Margaret E  Abt 1871Pennsylvania, United States I11046
39 Crewson, Mary Ann  1848Pennsylvania, United States I6
40 Crewson, Mary D  Abt 1864Pennsylvania, United States I11045
41 Crow, Elizabeth J  Abt 1882Pennsylvania, United States I2161
42 Crusan, Isaac  1755Pennsylvania, United States I14602
43 Darnley, Andrew Sr.  9 Apr 1923Pennsylvania, United States I4723
44 Darnley, Anna  Abt 1910Pennsylvania, United States I8420
45 Darnley, Annie  Aug 1882Pennsylvania, United States I4955
46 Darnley, Donald  12 Nov 1926Pennsylvania, United States I4725
47 Darnley, Herbert F   I4917
48 Darnley, Jack   I8423
49 Darnley, James Jr.  Abt 1906Pennsylvania, United States I8675
50 Darnley, Jean   I8424

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Holtzappel, Adam  17 May 1741Pennsylvania, United States I14074


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Elizabeth Martha  19 May 1914Pennsylvania, United States I8045
2 Barnes, Sarah Ann  17 Jan 1900Pennsylvania, United States I11014
3 Crewson, Emma J  1926Pennsylvania, United States I11044
4 Darnley, Pearl M  May 1992Pennsylvania, United States I8409
5 Daugherty, Elizabeth  1 Nov 1864Pennsylvania, United States I1307
6 Daugherty, Harvey P.  10 Sep 1938Pennsylvania, United States I1158
7 Daugherty, Joseph  11 Apr 1896Pennsylvania, United States I1161
8 Dellinger, Michael  Pennsylvania, United States I4663
9 Hoffman, Erastus  Abt 1910Pennsylvania, United States I17865
10 Hoffman, Maria Elizabeth  13 Aug 1808Pennsylvania, United States I15784
11 Hovis, George Perry  14 Mar 1953Pennsylvania, United States I9480
12 June, Hester Ann  1 Dec 1913Pennsylvania, United States I14164
13 Klein, Betty Jo  Pennsylvania, United States I11926
14 Krewson, Abraham Hogeland  30 Dec 1893Pennsylvania, United States I14025
15 Krewson, Alba Theodore  15 Mar 1934Pennsylvania, United States I14120
16 Krewson, Henry  3 May 1893Pennsylvania, United States I14112
17 Krewson, Isaac  21 May 1901Pennsylvania, United States I14118
18 Krewson, Louisa  3 Jul 1816Pennsylvania, United States I11053
19 Krewson, Lydia Ann  1894Pennsylvania, United States I11052
20 LeVan, Barbara  1808Pennsylvania, United States I5368
21 LeVan, Sarah  Between 1764 and 1856Pennsylvania, United States I5373
22 Lowery, Joseph E.  3 May 1952Pennsylvania, United States I4084
23 Mahnert, Catharina  Pennsylvania, United States I6789
24 Maize, William Dinsmore  1926Pennsylvania, United States I8672
25 Minemyer, John William  17 May 1932Pennsylvania, United States I8259
26 Minemyer, Margaret Jane  26 May 1922Pennsylvania, United States I6077
27 Minemyer, Nicholas  8 Dec 1891Pennsylvania, United States I8253
28 Murphy, Rose Ann  1900Pennsylvania, United States I8673
29 Reigelman, Conrad  From 1810Pennsylvania, United States I5689
30 Romig, Anna Elizabeth  16 Mar 1777Pennsylvania, United States I5359
31 Romig, Heinrich  1852Pennsylvania, United States I5352
32 Romig, Magdalena Maria  30 Jul 1820Pennsylvania, United States I5351
33 Rudisill, Abigail M.  6 Feb 1951Pennsylvania, United States I20466
34 Rudisill, Anna Maria  1 Sep 1849Pennsylvania, United States I14791
35 Rudisill, Christina  1822Pennsylvania, United States I21687
36 Rudisill, Flora Manetta Grace  3 Feb 1941Pennsylvania, United States I15646
37 Rudisill, George  2 Apr 1864Pennsylvania, United States I19697
38 Rudisill, John Adam  5 Sep 1844Pennsylvania, United States I21685
39 Rudisill, Magdalena  7 Apr 1860Pennsylvania, United States I21686
40 Rudisill, Martin  10 Dec 1866Pennsylvania, United States I15453
41 Rudisill, Sarah  8 Mar 1901Pennsylvania, United States I19689
42 Tanger, Anna  6 Mar 1894Pennsylvania, United States I21340
43 von Herzog, Anna Gertrude  Pennsylvania, United States I4455
44 Wills, Johann Jacob  18 May 1811Pennsylvania, United States I4502


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hovis, Catharine Irene  Pennsylvania, United States I5321
2 Minemyer, Margaret Jane  Pennsylvania, United States I6077
3 Rudisill, George  Pennsylvania, United States I19697


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carpenter / Quickel  7 Dec 1797Pennsylvania, United States F1727
2 Freytag / Neu  Bef 1743Pennsylvania, United States F1194
3 Fritz / Hovis  1833Pennsylvania, United States F1416
4 Hovis / Stoops  1858Pennsylvania, United States F1414
5 Iba / Reidel  CA 1793Pennsylvania, United States F2015
6 LeVan / Siegfried  Pennsylvania, United States F846
7 Minemyer / Wonders  25 Sep 1846Pennsylvania, United States F1982
8 Quickel / Friday  Abt 1770Pennsylvania, United States F1560
9 Rudisill / Waller  Abt 1861Pennsylvania, United States F4555
10 Rupert / Goetz  Abt 1782Pennsylvania, United States F2241
11 Siegfried / Lobach  Abt 1770Pennsylvania, United States F1548
12 Sipe / Rudisill  Abt 1785Pennsylvania, United States F4654
13 Thoman / Rudisill  1784Pennsylvania, United States F7045
14 Vogus / Evans  Abt 1873Pennsylvania, United States F2343
15 Vogus / Sutley  Pennsylvania, United States F1618

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